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Vision and Mission


Welcome to Anand Vatika Green Gurukulam.

At Ananda Vatika Green Gurukula, founded on August 18, 2016 and started the very next day i.e. on August 19, the teachers are trying to impart the basic life-skills to their students so that they can compete in any examination of life. The education system -- which the teachers at the Ananda Vatika Green Gurukulam or AVGG call “education beyond the school walls and ahead of the school syllabi” system -- calls for fundamental positive changes in the personality of the students. The following objectives will be achieved at AVGG:

1.    The Gurukula Paddhwati or System as well as Green philosophy and values will be practiced.

2.    The education will be free of cost and in an open and fearless environment meaning respect and dignity of the students to be maintained.

3.    One of the main objectives of AVGG is to check the unwilling migration in search of quality education in English language. If free quality education in English medium is imparted at the doorsteps of the village-parents, they will not migrate to the cities and towns.

4.    If AVGG succeeds in checking the unwilling migration, we will be able to save our villages, its culture, agriculture, horticulture, local ecology and environment.

5.    If migration is checked with these efforts, the population in the villages will also increase leading to more and more business and employment opportunities.

6.    Ananda Vatika will support fair, transparent and Green trade and business practices.

7.    The education will be pedagogic and the students will be taught in Hindi and English languages.

8.    The students’ local mother-tongues will also have adequate space.

9.    Another main objective of AVGG is to save and strengthen the government school system as only the government can impart free and easily accessible education. Therefore, AVGG will follow the “School-after-School” and “Syllabi-Ahead-of-School- Syllabi” concepts strictly. This concept will never disturb with the government education system. Instead, it will fill the learning gaps of the government school going students.

10.  The students will learn and restore the traditions and folk-science practices of our ancestors. We expect them to translate these practices in their lives.

11.  The students will be trained in the folk-sciences of the Uttarakhand Hills like how to make a traditional water conserving body – Naula or a traditional water mill called Gharaat!

12.  The students will learn the techniques of recycling and managing the organic and non-organic waste and converting their kitchen waste into organic manure for their kitchen gardens.

13.  AVGG will help its students save their culture and traditions, local languages and ethos.

14.  The students will be engaged in the hands-on activities on a regular basis.

15.  The students will be trained in the traditional musical instruments like Dhol, Damaun, Ranasingha, Daunra, Thali, Hudka, etc., so that the cultural aspect of our life is preserved for generations to come.

16.  The students will have the opportunity to learn the folk music and dances.

17.  Inspirational film shows will be organised on Saturdays.

18.  Life-skills will also be taught to the local women by engaging them in the traditional organic agriculture and horticulture, crafts like basket making, spinning the wool, making designer woollen sweaters, multiple handloom activities, making traditional and organic farming productive and beneficial, poultry, animal husbandry, milk products, etc., etc.

19.  Teachers will have the opportunity to learn the Ananda Vatika skills in learning and teaching.

If we all achieve the AVGG Mission and Objectives by following the local traditions in a Green and fair way, the Ananda Vatika Green Gurukula will prove to be a successful authentic education model.