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Crochet classes started at AVGG

"The organisation Knit for Peace carried out a widespread literature review looking at the health benefits of the traditional craft after receiving testimonials from their 15,000 volunteers about how the hobby had improved their lives.
They discovered that knitting is as relaxing as yoga, distracts from chronic pain, such as arthritis, boosts wellbeing, brings down blood pressure and keeps the mind sharp. It also reduces loneliness and isolation and allows older people to feel as if they are still useful to society."

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You learn more than you teach

The Anand Vatika Green Gurukulam school is like those rare breed of flowers that are so hard to find and so magical when finally encountered. The last 10 days I spent at AVGG working with students in the quaint little village of Bhouniyada were amongst the best days of my life. There's a tremendous amount of learning that happens in places like these. During my interactions with the students, it wasn't just them that learnt something new, but me as well.

The call of the Sparrow

On account of World Sparrow Day, which is celebrated on 20th March, I wanted to make this point which I witnessed in my travel. Today I read an article on sparrows and it ends "Don't know why the sparrow is not visiting us much these days".

House at Bhouniyada Village, Gharwal, Uttarakhand


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