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Rangoli of flowers

पूरे चैत्र के महीने बच्चों ने गांव के घरों की दहलीज पर फूल डाले और 14 अप्रैल को पापड़ी संक्रांत के रूप में। मनाया गया सभी को फूल देकर और पापड़ी - स्वाला देकर। आज बच्चों ने फूल से रंगोली बनाई और साथ ही एक नई विधा भी सीखी।

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Inter school Kabbadi competition

Ananda Vatika Green Gurukulam students played with Shivalik Academy - Rajakhet. Participants from AVGG were Anshul, Ankit, Aman, Aditi, Anchal, Abhishek and Himanshu in the captain ship of Anshul Bailwal. The AVGG students was taken to Shivalik Academy by Anita Nautiyal and Volunteer Revathy Rajeshwari.

Students who played from Shivalik Academy were Gaurav (Captain) , Karan , Shivam, Prince,Surajpal,Aiysha ,Taniya, Anoop, Abhinav, Sumit Panwar,Anuj Kaintura.

AVGG team was the the winner and was awarded Rs 500 by the teacher Amit Kumar of Shivalik Academy.


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