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"मैं फिर खुद से मिला "

मैं फिर खुद से मिला, आके यहाँ दुबारा फिर जीने का दिल करा !
कोई मज़बूरी कोई लाचारी न थी, फिर नीले आसामान में खेलता बचपन दिखा !
मेरे शहर की तरह यहाँ गलियां न थी,
भीड़ से दूर सकूँ दिल को सच्च में सच्चा मिला !
दिन सर्द बेशक पर माहौल गर्म था,
जहाँ तक नज़र गई सकूं ही सकूँ मिला !
माना की कम हैं चकाचौंध मेरे शहर से यहाँ,
पर एक भी बहाना शहर को याद करने का न मिला !

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Wonderful volunteering experience...Thanks AVGG!

Hi all...I am Sheffali Aggarwal and today i am going to share my wonderful & peaceful experience with Ananda Vatika and its kids. Last month, I got this great opportunity to visit the new AVGG centre along with my friend. This centre is located near a small city (Augustmuni) of district Rudraprayag, Uttrakhand. Innocent kids welcomed us and greeted us with huge smiles on their face and bright sparkles in their eyes.

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Pay it forward!

During my travels through the magical country of India I really wanted to give back to the people who had been so kind and caring to me – “to pay if forward”. Luckily in my path came the opportunity to volunteer at the amazing Ananda Vaika Green Gurukalm (AVGG). I was going to help the kids with English. After a long journey I was greeted by two of the young students I would be tutoring. Their warm greetings and smiles were most welcoming to a foreigner who was completely new to the area.

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Ganga quiz

Ananda Vatika Green Gurukulam students Aditi Bhadri of class 6, Anchal Jelta of class 7 and Aman Bhatt of class 8 attended the Namami Ganga quiz at New Tehri on 9 sept.2018. They received certificate of participation.


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