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"मैं फिर खुद से मिला "

मैं फिर खुद से मिला, आके यहाँ दुबारा फिर जीने का दिल करा !
कोई मज़बूरी कोई लाचारी न थी, फिर नीले आसामान में खेलता बचपन दिखा !
मेरे शहर की तरह यहाँ गलियां न थी,
भीड़ से दूर सकूँ दिल को सच्च में सच्चा मिला !
दिन सर्द बेशक पर माहौल गर्म था,
जहाँ तक नज़र गई सकूं ही सकूँ मिला !
माना की कम हैं चकाचौंध मेरे शहर से यहाँ,
पर एक भी बहाना शहर को याद करने का न मिला !


Wonderful volunteering experience...Thanks AVGG!

Hi all...I am Sheffali Aggarwal and today i am going to share my wonderful & peaceful experience with Ananda Vatika and its kids. Last month, I got this great opportunity to visit the new AVGG centre along with my friend. This centre is located near a small city (Augustmuni) of district Rudraprayag, Uttrakhand. Innocent kids welcomed us and greeted us with huge smiles on their face and bright sparkles in their eyes.


Pay it forward!

During my travels through the magical country of India I really wanted to give back to the people who had been so kind and caring to me – “to pay if forward”. Luckily in my path came the opportunity to volunteer at the amazing Ananda Vaika Green Gurukalm (AVGG). I was going to help the kids with English. After a long journey I was greeted by two of the young students I would be tutoring. Their warm greetings and smiles were most welcoming to a foreigner who was completely new to the area.

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Ganga quiz

Ananda Vatika Green Gurukulam students Aditi Bhadri of class 6, Anchal Jelta of class 7 and Aman Bhatt of class 8 attended the Namami Ganga quiz at New Tehri on 9 sept.2018. They received certificate of participation.


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