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THEY know More then you Know :)

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If you think you know better then these kids as you are more educated or you live in metro cities please think twice...:) they are wonder kids...Innocent

I was just Trying yes you heard it right just trying to teach them some acting skills, they picked small details like some professional actors 

i need a ball for one small theatre exercise i was stuck "now where i should go, whom should i ask", they asked me what i am looking for? "BALL" i replied...:( "ohhh wait just that wait"... 2-3 kids went in bushes and in ground in search of something, i was looking at them what are they upto? clueeless me...standing and watching them

In less then 5 minutes i have a BALL yes BALL made of plastics bags in my hand, What???? a Ball out of no where who are these kids?God I was thinking who does that? who taught them this skills?

One another Fine day while Coming to school i just hurt my self with thorn

i know i can't do anything about it...no medicine no band-aid 

i started the practice of our skit

You really thinking these kids will not see those 4-5 blood drops on my hand... you are Wrong they did asked me what happened....

Again two kids asked me to wait,here i am standing again thinking Poor kids went to home to bring some Medicine for me...

Hold your Horses they came back before i know it This time with some Green leaves, both the kids trying hard to crush those leaves from there tiny-cute hands so they can get enough juice to put on my small wound

they did that...and looked at me with big smile"Dont you worry maa'm it won't pain" 

I was looking at THEM said "thanks"...with all the Love and Gratituted in my Eyes!!!

stupid me huin i thought i was there to teach them...pssst

Wrote some lines when i was there...

मकान इनके कच्चे है
दिल के कई लोग बहुत अच्छे है
प्रकर्ति का इनके पास खज़ाना है
पर हर शख्स इस बात से अनजाना है
ज्ञान है, विज्ञान है बचपन यहाँ
फिर भी थोड़ा दिशाहीन और अंजान है
औरतों दिन रात करती बहुत काम है
फिर भी गज़ब सुकून की मुस्कान है
अन्धविश्वास का फैला मायाजाल है
मर्द कुछ थोड़े अच्छे कुछ बहुत शैतान है
यूँही कुछ खट्टे-मीठे आंनद समेटेते
लो मेरा सफर आज फिर खत्म हो रहा
कौन कहता है,अलविदा कहना आसान है....