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Raibar - A Cultural Exchange Initiative

Lalten - Glimpses of Uttarakhand is a platform/society that is committed to preserving the culture, cuisine, festivals and languages of Uttarakhand. We organised "Raibar", which is Garhwali word for message as a cultural exchange initiative. We had the pleasure to have Ananda Vatika as one ofthe  partner schools. The aim was to sensitize children from Dehradun in the age group of 13-15 years to the cultural diveristy and life in the mountains and vice versa. Letters were written from SGRR Public School in DehraDun to their peers in Ananda Vatika. These "pen pals" were picked by a draw of chits. The children from Dehradun with a lot of excitement wrote letters to their peers in which they wrote about their daily routine, family members, favourite sports and diwali celebrations. The children from Ananda Vatika replied with the same excitement and joy to their pen pals. It was heartwarming to see that the children from Ananda Vatika which is a school after school had trained their students well. We noticed that the letters written by the children from Ananda Vatika were at power and in some cases even better than their peers from the city. The age old concept of village children not being at power with other children is slowly being challenged by great visionaries who have devoted their life to establishing schools like Ananda Vatika! Kudos to thses children and their teachers!!
We hope to conduct more such activites with you in the future.

  • Children at Ananda Vatika replying to the letters received by them


I believe this is something

I believe this is something which will improve the communication &written skills among children and they will feel more enthusiastic ...Great initiative!!