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Event list

Title Datesort ascending
Mona Kelvani
01/12/19 to 31/12/19
Suparna Belgaonkar
She will be taking Calligraphy and paper flowers making sessions
09/11/19 to 21/11/19
diwali vacation
18/10/19 to 29/10/19
dates unavailable
06/10/19 to 13/10/19
dates unavailable
08/09/19 to 22/09/19
Sharada S
She will be teaching calligraphy
21/07/19 to 21/08/19
Shalini Ratan
Brief profile Dr. Shalini Ratan is the Founder & Chief Knowledge facilitator of NIRVAN Life Sciences, a healthcare education and communication initiative, to bring transformational change in the thinking, communication and action of the healthcare industry.
22/06/19 to 20/07/19
program closed
volunteering program closed due to unavoidable circumtances
25/05/19 to 20/06/19
Shirin Mehrotra
food and travel writer based in Mumbai
28/04/19 to 04/05/19
Aniket Ankam
He will celebrate his birthday with AVGG kids by cutting the cake, distributing gulab jamun and matar paneer to be given in mid day meal as a part of celebration and distributed drawing notebooks and colour as return gift.
14/04/19 to 16/04/19