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The call of the Sparrow

On account of World Sparrow Day, which is celebrated on 20th March, I wanted to make this point which I witnessed in my travel. Today I read an article on sparrows and it ends "Don't know why the sparrow is not visiting us much these days".

House at Bhouniyada Village, Gharwal, Uttarakhand

Well, notice anything in this picture? Can you see how the house has a few small openings near the windows and entrance? I stayed 8 days in this home and every day I noticed sparrows dropping by, resting in these apertures and chirping away. They would fly in whenever they feel like and fly off when other people call.

These apertures are made purposefully for birds. It is also used to place oil lamps in the nights during power cuts or festivals. However, in the day, the birds make the best use of this space. This is a 100 year old home at Bhouniyada village of Gharwal district, Uttarakhand. I saw only 2 or 3 such homes even in that very village. Everyone else have shifted to city storey type construction.

People who lived before us knew how to coexist.
How can you see sparrows in the city when we have practically not given any place for them?
So now, we have to go to them.

Image: House in Bhouniyada Village, Gharwal, Uttarakhand.

Image courtesy: Pankaj Dhavan